Water availability

The result of the surveys shows that half of households (50.9%) have water for at least 12 hours a day. Availability is little affected by whether the water source is improved or unimproved. Protected wells have the highest availability with 92.2% reported to have water available daily. Piped water is much less available when needed with two fifths of sources (37.0%) only having water available 3- 5 days a week.
The charts below shows the problems encountered with household water supply, just under half (47.8%) stated that reliability was problem. A quarter (24.9%) gave affordability as a problem. Only 6.5% of household had no problems with their water source. Two thirds of households (64.9%) reported water quality being an issue. While this study did not undertake any water quality testing, a quarter of households (26.9%) said that they took some action to make their water safer to drink. Of these, half (49.4%) add chlorine, while a third (28.4%) let it stand and a fifth (20.2%) strain it through a cloth.