WASH at healtcare facilities

Basic water in health facilities: Percentage of beneficiaries using health facilities with a functional improved water source on premises and water points accessible to all users at all times.

Two thirds (65.2%) of the health facilities surveyed have an improved water source on the premises, and 69% of improved water sources were reported as always having water available. A large majority (86.5%) of facilities described their water source as being accessible to all users (both in patients and outpatients) at all times. However 12% of health facilities are using an unimproved water source and 15% of health facilities report that their water is rarely or never available from the source they use. The most prevalent reasons for this are water point being damaged or broken (23.0%), it being dry due to seasonality (30.0%) or having no supply (18.0%).

In terms of accessibility, only a quarter of schools (24.4%) had facilities for disabled pupils. In over half of schools (56.6%) facilities were locked. In over three quarters of schools (77.9%) teachers hold the keys, in 12.0% it is the caretakers or cleaners and in 6.5% the prefects. In terms of privacy, two thirds (64.3%) had a door lockable from the inside.