WASH data

The WASH Baseline study was designed to establish the existing situation (beginning of 2016) regarding access to water supply and sanitation for households and institutions in Sierra Leone as the starting point for the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Efforts were made to assess the impact of climate change on the WASH sector. The progress on WASH will be measured compared to this baseline over the next 15 years based on the definition of indicators developed for the WASH SDGs. The baseline and subsequent monitoring of progress will contribute substantially to improved sector planning towards achieving the Sierra Leone Poverty Reduction Strategy – Agenda for Prosperity.

The WASH data is structured in four broad sections:

These pages are giving an overview of the key statistics, insights and maps at the national level. Subsequently, the RAW data of WASH questionnaires are also available here.

Reasons communities are no longer considered ODF

Shared sanitation facilities by type